Discover the inspiring world of Coulisse window coverings, brought to you by INK, Imaji Nata Kirana. As a result of this partnership, Coulisse and INK present a world that offers endless possibilities for creating a personal space that suits the way you want to live. A world inspired by nature, art, fashion and design. Explore and be inspired!

We gladly invite you to come and visit our new Coulisse Concept Store located in Jl. Ahmad Dahlan no. 22, Kebayoran Baru. Enjoy the Coulisse INK experience.


Architecture and design are timeless sources of inspiration to us.
Our window covering solutions are custom-designed for each project and meet requirements regarding sustainability, well-being and productivity. The performance of each solution is validated through extensive testing, and are delivered with energy saving calculations, test reports and certificates.


The Collection is brought to you on color and ranges from timeless whites and neutrals to rich blues, reds, and purples.

This exquisite collection of Roller and Roman blind fabrics offers unrivalled possibilities for creating individual style on the window. Apart from exclusive jacquard with classical ornaments and delicate floral patterns, the collection includes wool and linen look fabrics with a natural textile look. Eye Catcher in the collection is a woven paper fabric with delicate spangles. The collection includes transparent as well as black out fabrics.


Discover the endless decorative possibilities of this exclusive collection of roller blind fabrics. Classic floral designs and antique patterns in rich color tones such as burgundy create a warm and comfortable feeling. This collection also consist of the double layered fabric with transparent and non-transparent stripes allow for playing with light and creating modern look. A subtle touch of metallic brings an extravagant chic look to the interior.


Elegant and pure fabrics that are worked out in clean white create a minimalistic atmosphere.

Discover the endless decorative possibilities of this natural collection of timeless roller blind fabrics. The elegant and pure fabrics of this range are worked out in clean white and light ivory color tones for a refined and minimalistic atmosphere. The matte double roller blind fabrics in this collection are made of woven paper and have a natural look. The neutral colors create a balanced atmosphere. Create the desired light, view and privacy with double roller blinds.


The Coulisse Contract collection includes a wide variety of flame-retardant fabrics that offer the perfect functionality for any requirement, including glare prevention, light filtering, black-out and energy saving. INK, PT Imaji Nata Kirana, work together with the sister company, PT Sandimas Intimitra, who are more focusing on Project, starts to introduce the collection to the costumers.


Enter the inspiring world of window coverings. A world inspired by fashion, art, architecture, nature, technology and beauty that aims at being good for people, the planet and the environment. A stimulating world that challenges our imagination about what else window coverings can be, offering safety, prevention, well-being, comfort and convenience in a way that embodies efficiency and simplicity. Enjoy our portfolio and be inspired.

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