Coulisse Contract Journal

Coulisse Contract Journal

Welcome to the world of Coulisse window coverings. An exciting world inspired by nature, design, fashion, architecture and technology, that aims at being good for people, the planet and the environment, and in which beauty and functionality are one. For developing this world, we continuously challenge our imagination about what else window coverings can be. As a result, our solutions help create inspiring spaces that stimulate well-being, productivity, comfort, convenience and energy savings.


Your partner in window coverings

Welcome to Coulisse Contract: a world of window coverings for the project market in which beauty and functionality come together. For creating and installing the perfect window covering solution for your project, you can rely on a global network of exclusive Coulisse partners. Our partners are specialized in the selection, assembly and installation of our solutions and can advise you in making the perfect choice for the functional and aesthetic requirements of your project. Key-themes considered in this advice are energy savings, glare control and sound absorption. Please contact the Coulisse contract department for a partner near you


Total solution

We believe interior window coverings are the perfect solution for creating healthy, comfortable and inspiring indoor spaces. They allow for perfect heat control and natural light management, and as a result, contribute to productivity, comfort and energy savings. With the unique decorative possibilities of the Coulisse Contract range, in addition, they allow for creating atmosphere, style and a sense of warmth and well-being. Our window covering solutions are created through a seamless concept of stylish contract fabrics, aesthetic systems and MOTION: our automation concept that allows for creating an intelligent network of automated blinds. Apart from this total solution, we offer a wide range of marketing tools, such as energy saving calculations, e-binders, specification sheets, photography and video content.


Beauty and functionality 

Apart from offering the ultimate functionality in terms of thermal and visual comfort, the fabrics in the Coulisse Contract range allow for creating a stylish statement or, if preferred, blend in perfectly with a space. Because of different market segments and a variety of projects, ranging from office buildings to projects in the hospitality industry, Coulisse Contract offers a Beauty Collection as well as a Function collection


Contract Experience Center

At our headquarters in The Netherlands, our Contract Experience Center is located. Apart from exploring the endless possibilities our range has to offer, here you can learn more about the ideas behind our design vision, find inspiration and be advised by our window covering experts. We herewith gladly invite you to visit our Experience Center.  


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