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The Coulisse Contract collection includes a wide variety of flame-retardant fabrics that offer the perfect functionality for any requirement, including glare prevention, light filtering, black-out and energy saving. INK, PT Imaji Nata Kirana, work together with the sister company, PT Sandimas Intimitra, who are more focusing on Project, starts to introduce the collection to the costumers.

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The fabrics for contract collection are available in a wide variety of colors and looks. The collections have been selected to fulfill Indonesia’s market, then finally narrowed down to :

  • Screen Essential 3000 Series
  • Munchen Block Out and Light Filtering
  • Screen Reflection
  • Screen Reflection Plus
  • Asset
  • Satine
  • Care
  • Silence
  • Eco Essence
  • New York
  • Naturals
  • Screen Linen

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